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Anonymous asked:
About your post regarding the bomb shelter selfies that Israelis are posting. I want to explain it to you. Just here me out. You know how some people are deathly scared of spiders and other people don't give a shit. It's the same. There are people who don't even go in the shelters because they believe they are invincible and then there are the people that have felt an attack first hand and it is life altering. So yeah some people take it as a joke but to most of us it's truly scary as shit.

That wasn’t the point of the post though !! It was a comparison on the situation between the two countries !
Like people in gaza are scared too but they don’t have shelters or any other place to go (unlike the Israelis) but the streets where they are probably going to get killed.


Rihanna back at her hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

love her 
Anonymous asked:
Hello, I was just wondering if you could please put a trigger warning on the more upsetting things you reblog. I understand the importance of those pictures, however, seeing injured people and the bodies of those that have passed is something I really cannot handle. Thank you.

Oh sorry for that i sure understand :) but maybe bc i was just so mad and wanted the world to see the truth …i’ll stop reblogging pics like that , sorry again x

Anonymous asked:
I hope you can unerstand this ... sharsha7et manzar hadeek il bint :) x

Hahaha btstahel :) x

merababentugba asked:
You're sooooo much beautiful person.

Aww thank you x

Anonymous asked:
Js i feel like both parties are wrong, wars have gone on for centuries between both countries. Yes innocent people get hurt and killed on both sides. But heres the problem, people of both sides blame each other and get mad at each other but your leaders arent being blammed? BLAME YOUR LEADERS OF BOTH ISRAEL AND PALESTINE. Stop the hatred between the people and start hating your leaders for putting you and innocent people of both countries in this horrible situation.

Both leaders are blamed !!
But this is an unfair war ! the abilities of the israelis are NOTHING compared to Hamas who are also being blamed on this situation ! Israel are committing a massacre against innocent people and babies are being killed everyday and there is no one to defend on them and they have no place to go or shelters to hide in unlike the Israelis !!

kyliezz asked:
listen here you liitle bitch im not gonna put anon on cause im not fucking scared israel is terriost? ha bitch if you havent noticed we didnt start this bullshit 4 rockets were sent to my area an hour ago where i had to run to the bomb shelter so stfu the fucking hamas are a terriost act who want to kill me and my whole country how about you go eduacte yourself a little bit you uncultred swine and get your facts right, israel rules and will forever be a country fuck you,

You Are Mad Because The Whole World Now Knows Who Are The REAL Terrorist !

OMG ! You are so delusional !! They don’t even have time to eat they are too busy waiting for Israel to bomb their houses !

Israelis create Facebook page called “Bomb Shelter Selfies”. Wow, look at the fear in their faces. It must be so hard for them.


Meanwhile in Gaza :